Saturday, November 19, 2005

Guest Blogging From New York City

Hey, everybody. This is Mark L. Feinsod. Ola asked me to contribute a few posts now and again. He wanted me to mention a few decent places in New York City to get a great cup of coffee. This isn't always as easy as you'd think, as the incredibly large number of Starbucks everyplace has really done a fair amount to destroy cafe culture in NYC. That said, it isn't dead. Let's start at the top, eh?

In my opinion, the best coffee in New York City can be found at The Grey Dog's Coffee (33 Carmine Street, between Bedford and Bleecker). Situated at the eastern edge of the gorgeous West Village, this place is a legend in downtown Manhattan. The iced coffee is the best I've ever tasted (it's not bitter in the slightest, and appears to be brewed especially for this purpose, as opposed to being leftover hot coffee dumped over ice), especially when a bit of soy milk is added. Also, the homemade raspberry lemonade is amazing (it even has whole pieces of berries in it). Their own special blend can be purchased for home grinding, although it's expensive and I haven't tried it.

Be forewarned that lines during the weekend can be long (it's a popular brunch spot), although there's a special line for coffee orders only (but it's hidden at the back by the entrance to the kitchen). Still, grab a beverage and (assuming it's either spring or summer or a warm autumn), hit the bench out front, fire up a cigarette, and enjoy a good conversation with a few friends while drinking the best coffee in the city (or at least below 23rd Street, which is New York to me).

Next time: cappuchino.

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