Sunday, August 20, 2006

Has it really been that long?

As I first started to make this blog I promised myself to keep a steady stream of posts... I guess you can say it didn't quite happen. But it's never to late (I hope)! The lack of posts doesn't mean I haven't anything to write about. My coffee-life has been as active as ever.

I've been for a while butching myself up to start to try roasting my own beans. I've been collecting recipes and tips at different forums and have been looking at different roaster-alternatives. The thing is I'm a bit spoilt by having easy access to great freshly roasted beans. How can I ever hope to achieve something even remotely comperable? Not by bitching and moaning about it, thats for sure!

The thing is that for the moment I doubt the appartment me and my family live in is well ventilated enough to make coffee-roasting a sensible venture.

Until we move to a bigger place I'll continue to try to improve my coffee making skills and learn to appreciate more and more sides of the wonderful world of coffee. If anyone out there reading this post has a smart solution to the ventilation problem, apart from suggesting to do it outside (I'd hate to get the neighbours on my neck), I'd be very thankful for helpful comments!

Next post I'll moan about how difficult it is being a coffee-enthusiast (geek) amongst people who would drink instant coffee made with hot tapwater and think that thats what coffee has to offer. (I can feel my blood boiling already... It's time to let the pressure out.)

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