Sunday, May 06, 2007

Blog change

Since my recent worklife changeover I've decide that this blog really doesn't reflect what I'm moving towards. It was always meant as a personal coffee journey with an amateur view on things. I'm not claiming to having become a pro overnight, but thats the direction I'm aiming to go.

So to mirror this I've started a new blog which is a little bit more professional and the posts will have this angle. I'm planning to try to keep this blog updated and want to keep it on a more personal level as it has been, but my new blog would be the place to go to read the thoughts of the coffee roaster to be.

I can't guarantee to keep both blogs frequently updated, but my main focus will be on the new blog at:

Hopefully this will be the last move of blogs as I don't expect people to be all that patient with constant shifts of addresses.

Thanks for your time!

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